Supporters' Circle
Chateau d'Eau

The Tapestry of the Apocalypse at 17 Essex, October 28 - December 21 2018

Rob Pruitt's Flea Market at Karma Bookstore, December 15

Editions/Artists Books Fair, October 26-29, New York with 10 Grand Press (Booth #B08)

Surimono II in You Stand On the Ground Floor

Daddy's Books Life Lessons Garage, August 11 & 12 2018

Color Mixing with Joel Adas, Anna Betbeze, Michael Demps, Anoka Faruqee and David Driscoll, Munro Galloway, Kati Gegenheimer, Mark Thomas Gibson, Fox Hysen, Alexander Jackson, Helen Selsdon, and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

Selections from Sophy Naess Supporters' Circle scarf editions at 45b Rue Ramponeau, Paris.


Nut II release at AIR Gallery (155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY)

For more information please email nutlaunch@gmail.com
Please Save The Date
With works of Harold Ancart, Maurizio Cattelan et Pierpaolo Ferrari (Toilet Paper), Paul Chidester, Claude Closky, Jeanne Dunning et Hirsch Perlmann, Brendan Fowler et Andrea Longacre-White, Matthew Geller, General Idea (FILE), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster et Tommasi Corvi Mora pour E Il Topo, Jesse Harris, Stéphane Le Mercier, Sara MacKillop, Sophy Naess et Carmelle Safdie, Pierre-Guilhem, Marie-Amélie Porcher pour Yvette et Paulette, Manuel Raeder, Colin Sackett, Matthieu Saladin, Patrick Sarmiento, Erica Van Horn, Marijke van Warmerdam, Lisa Young, etc.

Summer In Sikås at Växjo Konsthall with Aaron Carter, Kate Moss, Sophie Reinhold, organized by Magni Borgehed.

NADA New York with 321 Gallery
March 8 - 11

Essex Flowers HOME EDITION
February 3rd - March 11

To Whom It May Concern
Fadwa Attia, Eva Björkstrand, Christine Clemmesen, Nadya Gorokhova, Gun Holmström, Raquel Meyers, Sophy Naess, Poniweck and Catriona Shaw for BILAGA.

Benefit exhibition for Pawel and Ebola at Alyssa Davis Gallery


Editions/Artists Books Fair, October 26-29, New York
10 Grand Press (Booth #A03) will be featuring new editions and unique prints made in collaboration with Patty Chang, Nicole Eisenman, Kay Harvey, Lou Hicks, Sarah Lutz, Doug Morris and Sophy Naess. Past publications by Leidy Churchman, Angela Dufresne, Tony Feher, Harmony Hammond, Sanya Kantarovsky, Carrie Moyer, Elizabeth Newman, Jeanine Oleson, Hanneline Røgeberg, Erica Svec and others.


How to Draw the Human Figure
Angela Conant, Sophy Naess, Gahee Park


Capitalist Realism Surimono at Situations


Doug Ashford, Peter Coffin, Joy Drury Cox, Lucia Hierro, Jason Hirata, Evan McGraw, Sophy Naess and Peter Wilson. Curated by Joshua Caleb Weibley.


All the Things You Are
solo show at the Middler

We The Watchers Are Also Bodies
Sophie Grant, Maryam Hoseini, Eric Mack, RJ Messineo, Sophy Naess, Sreshta Rit Premnath, Jennifer Packer, Em Rooney. Curated by Natasha Marie Llorens.

image credit Jason Mandella




Five Holes All Smiles at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery

THE GOOD LIFE at the Range, Saguache, Colorado. July 9 - Aug 15 2016
With Kathryn Kerr.

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LABOR OF LOVE at 321 Gallery April 9 - May 21 2016
Onion by the Ocean at Underdonk May 14-June 26, 2016

Selected works exhibited 2014 - 16

SYNTAGMA at The New School Skybridge Art Space, Eugene Lang College. April 12 - May 10 2016
With Wilder Alison, Aurora Andrews, Marissa Bluestone, Al Freeman, Marley Freeman, Anibal Padrino, Jonathan VanDyke.

P.Y.T. in Large Glass curated by Jennifer Sullivan at Spring / Break Art Show. With Jared Buckhiester, Jake Borndal, Tom Butter, Robin Cameron, Mira Dancy, Jacques Louis Vidal, Maria Walker, and Max Warsh.

Some Residues of a Midsummer Night's Swipe.
Glycerin, rose oil, olive fragrance oil, "Arabian Night" fragrance oil, neem oil, "Love Roses" (2), Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea, hair and NYC condom from "P.Y.T.", cosmetic pigment, French lentils 11 x 15

Costumes for I Lost Something in the Hills or a Painting of Blue Roses by Amanda Friedman. Starring Kayla Guthrie, Terry Hempfling, Alison Kizu-Blair, Shaun Krupa; set and props by Phillip Birch, Ariel Dill, Amanda Friedman, Anne Libby, Ryan Lucero, Annabeth Marks, Sophy Naess, Scott Roben, Christian Sampson, Gretchen Scherer, Sophie Stone, Daniel Sullivan, Alina Tenser, and Jeffrey Tranchell.

image credit Kyle Knodell

image credit Jenna Westra
Sikås Summer Symposium
Sikås Art Center

Aaron Carter and Johan Björk

Parrhesia soap of bold, free speech
Edition published by Slow Editions and also available through Art Metropole
Joint business card with Raque Ford
in Business as Usual at Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds
Cherbubino's soap
performed by Raul de Nieves in The Harmers by Marianna Ellenberg and David Louis Zuckerman
Twilight of the Family Jewels
commissioned for ♂ Anti-Fertility Garden by Mary Walling Blackburn, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX
Artists for Artists
Foundation for Contemporary Arts 51st Annual Benefit Exhibition
Matthew Marks Gallery

Max Pitegoff on the beach in clay mask after wedding Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Block Island, June 29 2014
The Shandaken Project 3 Year Anniversary Exhibition
Me and My Egg Roll in SISRAHTAC at Torrance Shipman
About Like So: The Influence of Painting
Franklin St. Works
Archer Hotel
Zero Point at Jackie Klempay Gallery
The View from The Window
curated by Lumi Tan
with Sara Maggenheimer & Ryan Mrozowski
Chapter NY
Speaking Through Paint: Hans Hofmann's legacy today at Lori Bookstein
Material Memory at Gallery Aferro